Democracy Council

Democracy Council

Background: Students should be part of the decision-making of the school in a structured, fair, democratic manner. Students hope for democracy in Burma and therefore need practice and have a full understanding of it. The best way to go about this should be discussed by all staff at the start of the year and then with the students to ensure that everybody can communicate any issues they have during the year. In the past students held a meeting every Friday and raised any issues they had with the coordinator, teachers, or another member of the support staff.

Description: In the past, students have elected a President (liaison with students and staff), 2 House Monitors (responsible for monitoring cooking, finances & cleaning duties; typically one male and one female), a Student Monitor (responsible for attendance records, collecting homework), Resource Monitor (responsible for monitoring white board pens, paper, computers, etc.), and a Librarian (responsible for monitoring library and independent study resources). These roles serve as representatives of student issues in all aspects of BHEEP.

Students meet once a week (without teachers or staff present) to discuss the following (though at the beginning of the year, students may need more guidance from the staff, especially to enforce the English Immersion Component):

    • Classes - content and delivery & feedback for teachers

    • Resources that need to be purchased

    • Use of budget for Teaching Materials, Workshops and Maintenance

    • Setting dates into the schedule

    • Confirmation of any guest speakers, workshops/ trainings, extra-curricular activities

    • Deciding on & enforcing consequences for any minor rule-breaking (ex. lateness) *

    • Living conditions - dorm, bathroom, cooking, cleaning etc.

    • Computer Use

    • Group Projects