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Join us in improving the quality of education in remote Southeastern Myanmar and empower young adults with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to develop education in their ethnic Mon communities. Let's prepare a new generation of young teachers and education leaders to soar into primary, middle and high school classrooms!

The Bop Htaw Education Empowerment Program (BHEEP) works to improve the conditions of education in remote areas by training teachers in student-centered and active learning methods, introducing critical thinking into the classroom and raising awareness for child protection issues. Bop Htaw Education also gives its participants the opportunity to explore English Language Arts and IT Skills, and strengthens participants' Personal and Professional Development to prepare them to be education leaders in their communities.

Since it's founding, Bop Htaw Education has trained over 200 new teachers with the tools needed for improving education systems. The money raised through this campaign will give Bop Htaw Education the opportunity to continue training a new group of students for the coming academic year. It costs approximately 3,000 USD to operate the program each month, covering expenses such as students' accommodation, learning materials, transport and dedicated instructional staff. Your help will change the lives of these young teachers.